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Our mission is to inspire! Lil’ Kickers is an award-winning child development program that uses soccer to help children ages 18 months to 9 years tackle important developmental milestones through age-appropriate and fun-filled activities. We inspire kids to be active, strong, confident and well-balanced in order to unleash their awesome both on and off the field.

Classes are 50-minutes and are led by highly trained, energetic coaches who engage kids and help maintain their enthusiasm by challenging and encouraging them to learn and accomplish new things – preparing them for school, playdates, team sports, and beyond. More than one million kids have participated in Lil’ Kickers across the country.

Lil' Kickers Soccer

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Summer Session: June 28th – August 18th
Fall Session: August 23rd – November 10th

With open enrollment, you can register any time and classes are pro-rated!

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Class Policies

  • Done on a space available basis
  • Do not carry over to next season
  • Must be scheduled in advance with your coordinator
  • No space is guaranteed without payment
  • First come, first served basis
  • All American Indoor Sports registration fee required
  • All players must register to play and/or practice for $22.87 + tax, expires annually. All registrations are processed online or through our Lenexa facility.
  • Multiple Class Discount*: Participants registered for two or more classes per week, in the same session receive $16 off the second class
  • Sibling Discount*: After one child is enrolled, the discount is $16 for siblings enrolled during the same session
  • Third Session Discount*: All participants who register for their third consecutive session of Lil’ Kickers will receive $16 off their third session class fee

*Discounts only apply to full session registration* One discount per session

  • Any player who is part of a team or group (7+ players) who registers for Lil’ Kickers session will receive one free class
  • Customers may transfer their child at any point in the session
  • All transfers are dependent upon space availability

Class Descriptions


Bunnies classes introduce toddlers to soccer with games that allow them to run, play as a  group and kick a ball. Geared toward a toddler’s unique way of learning, they learn balance and coordination.

  • 50-minute class
  • Parent participation is required
  • Child/coach ratio: 15:1 (with parents on field)

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Thumpers and their parents play organized games together to develop listening skills, balance, cooperation, sharing, ball skills and foot-eye coordination. Thumpers is the ideal next step for Bunnies veterans who are not yet old enough for the Hoppers level, and a perfect introduction to LiL’ Kickers for new players.

  • 50-minute class
  • Parent participation is required
  • Child/coach ratio: 12:1 (with parents on field)

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Cottontails is designed for children who are ready for more of a challenge than a Thumpers class, but who are not quite ready to be on the field without a parent or caregiver. The Cottontails curriculum is designed to build fundamental skills such as balance, coordination, and ball kicking in addition to helping build a sense of independence. As children progress through the session and become ready for more independence, parents can choose to transition to a less active role in the class.

  • 50-minute class
  • Parent participation is required
  • Child/coach ratio: 12:1 (with parents on field)

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Hoppers classes are fun and fast-paced, focusing on improving balance, coordination, and fundamental soccer skills. We utilize creative games to help kids develop listening skills, cooperation, and teamwork. Hoppers classes are the first class where children participate independently.

    • 50-minute class
  • Child/coach ratio: 7:1

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Jackrabbits classes are designed to help transition children into non-competitive team play. Children learn basic soccer skills (dribbling, passing, trapping, scoring) and are introduced to more one-ball- oriented games and scrimmaging. Scrimmages focus on building teamwork and helping players understand how to apply skills in different situations. Some non-competitive soccer games are introduced.

    • 50-minute class
  • Child/coach ratio: 7:1

Jackrabbits Classes

Big Feet

Big Feet classes are for five and six-year-olds who have not played soccer before. These classes concentrate on basic soccer skills (dribbling, passing, trapping, scoring) and building confidence on the field. Kids are introduced to the concepts of sportsmanship and team play. Kids will play some small-sided, non-competitive soccer games.

    • 50-minute class
  • Child/coach ratio: 12:1

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Micro Classes

Micro Classes are developmental and non-competitive for intermediate players. Proper soccer techniques are progressively introduced and as kids grow and master various skills, they are introduced to more complex soccer skills. Micro Classes are for kids who have played soccer before either in Lil’ Kickers or another program.

  • 50-minute class (15-20 minutes of instruction; 20-25 minutes of scrimmaging)
  • Teams for scrimmage field a maximum of four players at a time
  • Everyone gets equal playing time
  • No goalies, no score-keeping, no league standings
  • Child/coach ratio: 12:1

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Micro Advanced

Children in Micro Advanced Class introduces more complex soccer tactics and skills. Children will be challenged to apply new team concepts and individual skills to the scrimmage at the end of each class. As the highest level of the Lil’ Kickers program, Micro Advanced Class has become very popular for kids who love the game of soccer. In addition, the smaller student to teacher ratio allows for more individual instruction.

  • In 50 minutes of class there will be 15-20 min. of instruction and 20-25 min. of games.
  • Teams will field no more than four players at a time
  • Everyone gets equal playing time
  • There will be no goalies
  • We will not keep score or league standings
  • Micro Advanced Class is 50 minutes long
  • The ratio for Micro Advanced Class is 8:1

Micro Advanced Classes

What our Lil’ Kickers Parents say

“Lil’ Kickers has given both of my children a wonderful soccer foundation. It’s allowed them to fall in love with this sport through great coaching, friends, and fun.”

Heather H., Lil’ Kickers Parent

“We absolutely love this place! Our son has been going there since he was 2 years old. The staff and owners are kind, compassionate and amazing. They all really care about their Lil’ Kickers and truly take time to teach all of the kiddos the moves/ techniques to play soccer (plus make it fun). We have lots of our friends who also have their kids going to this place now. So thankful it’s an indoor place, heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. Highly recommended for all kiddos ages. Can’t wait for our other one to join soon as well.”

Tanya K., Lil’ Kickers Parent

“Lil’ Kickers is a fun way to teach my son direction and coordination. The environment is always playful and light hearted!”

Ali B., Lil’ Kickers Parent

“Lil’ Kickers has been a great experience for our kids. The flexibility of the schedule is great. The coaches are so positive, encouraging and patient!”

Sara S., Lil’ Kickers Parent

“Our family is a big fan of Lil’ Kickers! All 3 of our children are currently enrolled (ages 5, 3, & 18mo) and we love seeing all they get out of it. The program gives them the opportunity to gain confidence in a variety of skills including athletic and social. Plus, it’s an especially great way to keep the kids active during the winter. We highly recommend signing up!”

Erin R., Lil’ Kickers Parent

“Our kiddos (4 ½  and 2 ½ ) love Lil’ Kickers! They get a great workout and it is so much fun to watch them learn. The coaches are wonderful with the kids – a fantastic experience for our family!”

Melissa B., Lil’ Kickers Parent